About us

Experience – Network – Customer Focus

Decades of wide-ranging management experience, intensive contacts to the top levels of the travel industry and a clear focus on YOUR support requirements distinguish the THE TRAVEL CONSULTING GROUP


Decades of top management experience are your benefit

Our collective competence in the travel and tourism industry is unique, our know-how adds up to decades of top level management experience in airlines, railways and public mobility, tour operator, travel distribution, GDS, corporate travel etc.

Nobody has more collective industry competence and leadership experience than our group of partners.


We provide you with an overview over all sectors of the industry and all relevant professional topics

We have an overview over the complete industry – national and international – in all aspects; we understand the structures, opportunities and challenges in detail; we know all the “movers and shakers” and the way they act.

For all your questions regarding this industry, the development overall or with regard to specific companies or sectors we are the right contact for you.


We open doors – our network covers the whole industry

Our network encompasses nearly every person with influence and power in the industry and beyond. We as a team have a personal contact to everybody.

We establish contact and open doors for you, find the right person for an exchange of ideas, a closer cooperation, a longterm investment etc.

Customer Focus

Your individual requirements define kind and extent of our assistance

For you and with you we develop tailor-made consulting solutions to address your individual problem constellation. We support your project team or coordinate the project for you; we review your results or develop those with you; we are at your side for a couple of hours, one day per month or continuously for a longer period of time.

Your necessities govern the extent of our input and we react very flexibly to changes.